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Foobot – Meet your good air guru.

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Foobot helps you take control of your indoor air quality by monitoring your air pollution and providing you actionable advice. With a first instant reading on the device you get a real time check on your indoor air quality.

Main features:

• Notifications: warnings based on World Health Organization thresholds

• Light Output: Instant feedback on your indoor air quality (with colored LEDs for air quality levels)

• Knock Knock: Tap the device twice to get the latest data

• Multi-room: Monitor your entire living spaces (based on a one storey dwelling)

• Community friendly: Share best practices and results with others (coming soon)

• Actionable advice: Much more than simple monitoring

• Plug & Relief: Hassle-free setup & one step connection

• Gamification: Have fun while improving your air quality (coming soon)

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