Fri. Nov 26th, 2021

From a purely developmental perspective, considerations associated with the phrase ‘user experience’ (UX) typically refer to varying degrees of code production, utility integration, automated maintenance performance, and levels of useful activity regarding internal/external reporting processes. However, from an operational perspective UX applies differently.

At the user level, operators tend to cleave to subjective judgments largely driven by characteristics associated with look, feel and ease of use when defining an ERP platform’s perceived value. Consequently, these ‘softer’ characteristics are difficult to measure empirically, and in the end, typically resolve themselves by either appearing to offer a successful UX experience, or in some cases, missing the mark entirely.

Given that we’re typically focused on what will actually help, rather than the inverse here at ERP Focus, we thought we’d run through five things that can improve your ERP UX experience without the need for too much extra effort.

Encourage a ‘constant-education culture’

The impact of an effective ERP UX selection process largely exists on the basis of management’s understanding of processes, functions and best practices, that consequently render maximum performance on a recurrent basis. However there is no sugar-coating to be had since ERP platforms are complex, require constant re-training and attention to operational detail. Develop and drive a constant education culture that ensures long-lasting results.

The constant-education culture in real-time:

  • Senior management can encourage recurrent enterprise-wide education programs
  • Line managers can execute regular refresher training programs
  • Line managers and central module operators, such as financial, inventory, or CRM workers, can convene regular informal, “community-driven”, events oriented to better ways to operate.

Encourage individual empowerment

In the same way that constant education delivers positive impacts on an ERP UX selection process, an ability to encourage and delegate individual work throughout an implementation program produces equally valuable performance over time. Today’s ERP platforms are built to take advantage of opportunities for all workers to take ownership by bringing individual thoughts to an enterprise’s overall idea-churn. Take advantage of this value and leverage it accordingly.

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Foster constant improvement from the ERP platform out

A successful enterprise UX experience is driven by the execution of a system that fosters effective usability day-after-day. However, real life tends to get in the way, and periodically mistakes emerge. Consequently, whether you are resolving an after-the-fact incident, or optimizing an active usability process, a sense of constant improvement must apply throughout your operation.

Examples of this approach includes:

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