The availability of storage space is a constant consideration of any business relying on the use of electronic data. Aside from capacity, there should also be equal importance given to security and privacy. As a result, companies are using solutions such as email archiving to reduce the impact of these concerns to the operational efficiency of a company. In addition to efficiency, there are other more important reasons why office 365 email archiving is crucial for every business.

Regulatory compliance

All businesses are subject to regulations. That said, email communication in particular needs storing to remain compliant with these regulations. Companies are required to have backup data of communications between employees and clients in case the business becomes subject to a legal inquiry. Failure to provide a copy of pertinent communication can place a business on the losing end of a case. When a company has automatic office 365 email archiving in place, IT managers don’t need to worry about additional work.

Saving storage space

Data can pile up quite fast if you consider the day to day activities of a company. Email archiving through azure cloud service helps reduce the amount of space used to store email communication. Archiving is an effective way to reduce the need for paid storage services. Some third-party email archiving solutions have additional features that reduce the storage of redundant information, reducing the stockpile of unnecessary data on company servers.

Recovery of data during disasters

Email archiving is another useful feature that can help restore data destroyed by unexpected events. A company can have the peace of mind that no matter what happens, they have a back-up of relevant information which is retrievable at any given time.

Managing emails

Sorting through piles and piles of emails to find what you need is extremely time-consuming. Unfortunately, this can be the case if a business does not practice email archiving. With email archiving, a business can organize and index its communications accordingly. Email archiving facilitates fast searching and efficient recovery through cloud search. For a company with no effective email archiving procedures, it can be a time-saving tool that is also helpful in performing daily tasks.

Automatic search capabilities

Suppose your company is already practicing email archiving. How does a company make sure to respond to queries or requests for data retrieval promptly? Responding promptly to requests for information is vital because organizations that are currently undergoing a litigation process must respond to requests for data within a specific timeframe. Email archiving solutions can feature additional tools that allow for the fast retrieval of sensitive emails while also preventing accidental deletion. Other features such as a robust search functionality can even detect typographical errors and search data in different languages.

These benefits are enough to convince every business that email archiving is an essential solution not only to meet government regulations but also to maintain efficiency. In choosing a third-party email archiving solution, first, determine the needs of the company and look for a solution that allows the company to meet these needs.

By Sohel Ather

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