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Five platforms that deploy high-potential technology for ease of operations

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The rapid development of technologies worldwide and its pervasiveness in everyday life has changed a number of things, be it from the way education is imparted, businesses are done or something as minimal as renting out a home. A number of advancements have taken place, with the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and machine learning, which are disrupting a number of sectors.

This National Technology Day, here are six platforms that have made operations easier by deploying the aforementioned technology:


It is a silicon valley-based lifelong learning platform that creates Nanodegrees to prepare workforce for the ‘Jobs of Tomorrow.’ It co-creates the nano degree with technology innovators like AT&T, Google, Facebook, Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA. Their aim is to change the future of education by bridging the gap between real-world skills, relevant education, and employment.


The company develops solutions that help small and medium-sized sellers set up, manage, and promote their online stores and drive success for their business. Kraftly uses AI and machine learning to map the requirements of the sellers, and guides them to the right selling tools and strategy. Kraftly also enables sellers to set up their own online store in minutes from its mobile app, instantly create product listings, and launch their business online in no time.


It is an assessment and skill-measurement company in India, offering innovative technologies for recruitment, talent management and technology solutions in various sectors. By using technology like AI, they provide assessment to companies through psychometric test, gamification, simulation, remote proctoring, and so on for companies to identify core competencies of an employee and assess them.


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