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Five Benefits of Video Conferencing for Your Company

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Some companies still use audio or text-based conferences as their primary tool for performing online meeting. If you are an executive, it is important to start a shift to video conferencing methods. Most people think that video conferencing is a two-way conversation with a bunch of employees in a room talking to their colleagues in another room across on the other side of the world. However, technology has grown and you can do video conferencing with over 20 people at once if you have the right mobile phone. You can pick up some great deals for the right type of phone from Metrofone. Here are benefits of video conferencing that will make a different to your business and company:

1. It’s more engaging: Text-based conferencing is easy to initiate and you can use existing chat or instant messaging solutions. However, video conferencing will provide you with a higher level of collaboration and for many companies; it can be a true game changer. After you migrate to video conferencing, the etiquette and the entire feel of the online meetings will change. Participants of the meeting can see and they can also be seen. When people talk through video conferencing, they use gestures and virtual eye contact as part of the communication. This increases the level of engagement and closeness.

2. It’s more efficient: When participants engage in video conferencing, meeting sessions make more sense. Online meetings are needed, because employees often have business trips. With video conferencing, it would feel like everyone is in the same room.

3. It allows superior communication: Communication and learning process are enhanced when you include visual aspects. Many people process visual information more easily and faster, than reading or listening. In essence, video conferencing is an audio-based meeting that’s added with visual elements.

4. It keeps the team connected: Face to face interactions are generally the most effective and video conferencing can be the closest thing we get to work together as a team. When you use video conferencing for your company meetings, the sense of distance can be mostly eliminated.

5. It gets things done: Video conferencing doesn’t need to involve only internal members. You can also involve partners and clients in the meeting. When all parties are involved in the meeting, it is easier to get things done. Customers are able to ask anything and their issues will be addressed more quickly.

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