By John Nichols and James Birmingham

When it comes to today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, you’re likely to hear a great deal of talk about intelligence-driven security solutions. The idea is that the security solution delivers insights and deploys countermeasures based on data analytics and applied intelligence.

While people sometimes characterize intelligence-driven security as a next-generation approach, and although it continues to evolve and mature, it is actually not new at all. The approach to identifying and countering threats has been intelligence-driven even before the inception of SecureWorks in 1999. Intelligence-driven security uses advanced data analytics capabilities to help organizations identify cyber threats as they occur, and to protect their businesses in near real-time.

It takes a platform with ingrained analytics capabilities to find the threats in enormous amounts of data. For example, SecureWorks processes more than 230 billion cyber-events in the course of our day to help protect 4,300 clients in 58 countries. Using data analytics, the capabilities delivered in our Counter Threat Platform provide organizations with an early warning system for ever-evolving cyber threats, to help prevent, detect, predict and rapidly respond to cyberattacks.

Some large enterprises build on the capabilities of early warning systems with the addition of automated remediation of threats. This is very much the future for the fight against cyber-crime. With automation and analytics, organizations can not only detect but also resolve problems, greatly reducing threat impact. For example, when the early warning system detects a malicious attachment, the automated remediation solution can automatically delete all unread copies of the email and quarantine any machine where the attachment was opened.

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