Mon. Oct 18th, 2021


What is this writing competition ?

This competition designed to recognise talented  technical writers like you and showcase their skills/article to the relevant audience in Enterprise Technology landscape.

How will we choose the winner?

The article with the most views at 15th of Dec 2017 will be the winning article and the write ‘The trending writer 2017’

How will it benefit if I don’t win  ?

Reward is just one aspect of the competition. Our ERPINNEWS platform will help you promoting your work through our different channels and interested readers of your article will see your work and it can help you build connections/leads or grow your network.

How can I monitor who is winning and how is the transparent maintained?  

Under our EIN Popular section, only the popular articles are listed. They are listed automatically, system counts the number of views made and brings it on top. You can also monitor the views  by visiting your article any time during the day.

Can we refer the article and publish it ?

The articles should not be a direct copy paste and plagiarised article will be deleted. However you can mention the source link and appropriate referencing is considered OK. 

Can I share the article in my own network to increase the views ?

Yes, you can of course share and promote the article to make it popular