SAP TechEd Las Vegas is just around the corner and IBM’s Labs for SAP Solutions (LSS) has developed a lot of exciting next generation assets to showcase around the technologies, such as S/4HANA, HCP, SMP, hybris, Concur. Lumira, Fiori, VORA, ORCA.

Some of the latest assets on display will be:

  • LSS e-Commerce store (HYBRIS, S/4HANA): We have successfully implemented hybris commerce with the Business to Consumer (B2C) accelerator. We now have a fully functioning Electronics storefront that is integrated with a LIVE S/4HANA system. This enables full integration from SAP to hybris (e.g. a new material or product from SAP on display) as well as from hybris back into SAP (e.g. sales order persisted into ECC). We have configured the hybris Data hub to allow for communication between hybris and SAP S/4HANA. This enables a full end-to-end and integrated demonstration of Asynchronous Order Management (AOM) with a hybris commerce storefront and an SAP backend.
  • LSS Business Traveler app: (CONCUR, SAP UI5, HCP, S/4HANA, IBM iX): A mobile app that allows users to easily view and select restaurants and predict the places their colleagues and customers will most likely prefer during any event. This app has now been further enhanced with a new feature of submitting expense reimbursements using Concur integration right from within the app. This app runs on the SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) and leverages UI5 and predictive analytics.
  • LSS Smart Shopper App (HCP, IOT, S/4HANA, Predictive Analytics, IBM iX) : This app improves the customer shopping experience by helping customers navigate through the store, automatically adding coupons and recommending products, and keeping track of items added to the cart in real time to streamline customer checkout. This app leverages technologies such as S/4HANA, UI5, HCP, IOT Service, Predictive Analytics. A very cool feature of this app is the Internet of Things (IOT) service which was recently announced on HCP. Using the IOT service this app helps a customer build the shopping list allowing for automated replenishment of groceries.
  • Banking Churn Management (S/4HANA, LUMIRA, Social Media, Predictive Analytics, IBM iX): One of the growing issues in the banking industry is customer churn. This asset focuses on a proactive approach which can help prevent Customer Churn. It also demonstrates how advanced analytics can help identify customers most likely to switch banks and take corrective action. This asset takes into consideration that customers these days are more likely to express discontent over a product or service via social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Therefore, we have leveraged Hadoop Big data technology along with HANA to process live social feeds and combine them with internal banking data in their different departments (e.g. marketing and debt collection departments). Finally all of this data is visualized through SAP Lumira to allow at-a-glance customer and drilldown functionality to reveal actionable insights to help reducing churn.
  • Integration with SAP VORA: The above app will be further enhanced with the application of SAP HANA Vora which enables analysis of unstructured data at the lightning in memory speed of HANA. SAP HANA Vora extends Hadoop with two main extensions, in-memory computing and enterprise functionality. It also extends the HANA platform with the ability to store Big Data and is designed to run on any distributed file system.
  • Expert Tech App on SAP Mobile Platform (IBM APPLE Partnership, SAP SMP, IBM iX): The Expert Tech app built leveraging the IBM-Apple partnership on the Mobile First platform will be re-developed using SMP integration with SAP System of Record. This allows customers with SMP systems to fully leverage the iOS optimized Enterprise apps built using Apple Design Thinking methodology.
  • LSS 500 HCP Apps Challenge WINNER: In addition to the above next generation apps we will have the 350 apps developed on HCP. And we will congratulate the winners of our 500 apps challenge – Shreedhar Ganapati, Mohammed Hisham, Kelly King, Raj Shah – present to demonstrate this offering. The apps developed by LSS team on the HCP include XS, Java, Fiori and HTML5 applications as well demonstrating SAP HANA Data Integration using Informatica.
  • LSS SAP Industry Extensions: The LSS is also working closely with SAP to extend the scope of core SAP products such as SAP Lumira and build custom extensions using D3 javascript libraries. These extensions are live on the SAP Analytics Extensions marketplace and differentiates IBM from our competitors. LSS is also working on building industry specific extensions for SuccessFactors.

I would like to invite techies, customers and IBMers to come visit the IBM booth and test drive all these next generation apps in action. And I welcome your valuable feedback.  Have a great TechEd !!


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