Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Easy access to technology and rapid advancement has made internet today more of a necessity than a luxury that it was a few years ago. Government and large MNCs have already dedicated large resources and capital in order to balance the risk that comes with this rapid advancement in technology. But there seems to be no way that is sufficiently protective in the digital environment and at the same time is empowering for users to continuously evolve in the process. The question here is are we ready to deal with this tech revolution? Is our generation well equipped with the skills that are needed to ensure online safety? From kids and young teens to adults, the degree of risk differs certainly, but some common practices in online behaviour can be helpful in avoiding any possible cyber crimes. Web users unknowingly become the victim of security attacks and can be later exploited through personal data or other malicious activities.

As the old saying goes, precaution is better than cure. Below are some of the most basic tips that can help web users in ensuring their safety and hence avoid any kind of cyber crimes.

● Stay Alert and Active: It is very important to know about the websites that you are using, the content you are consuming and be aware of the activities that you do online. Be active to notice any kind of errors, unknown links and any kind of unsafe activity while you are online.

● Secured Networks: Ensure your WiFi is highly secured with strong password settings along with enabled wireless encryption. Do not share the password with people you do not trust.

● Online Privacy Policies: Before joining any new network, make sure that you read privacy policies and understand the creator’s intent. Do not share too much of personal information and be active to know about everything that you are sharing. In addition to this, understand the measures taken by networks to prevent internet security dangers.

● Password Settings: It is advised that you use strict password settings and use a complicated password that is not too easy to guess. Also, make sure that you change your password at regular intervals.

● Public Networks: Avoid using open or free Wifi at public places like cafes, hospitals and airports etc.

● Look for https:// in the URLs of the website: “S” in “https” stands for “secure” and should appear in every bank or online shop address. Always use a safe and secured network for online transactions.

● Information used for Phishing: Bank account numbers, Username, Passwords, PINs and card numbers are some of the most important details that the cyber attackers look for. Be cautious while using this information online especially while shopping and using websites for the first time.

● Updated Programs: Keep all the programs and softwares updated on your phone. Old and pirated softwares are often an invitation for cyber attacks.

● Backup and Antivirus: Have a trusted antivirus or internet safety software installed on your computers. Also, ensure that you have a backup of important folders and files.

While the internet offers a lot of opportunities to explore and collaborate, it also exposes us to dangers of cyber attacks. To make the most of the technology, it is important to take careful measures and ensure a safe experience. Whether you are a new user or user since a long time, some simple steps mentioned above can help you have secured experience while navigating online.

As we all know might be hard for us to follow every tech updates but is important to stay safe online and here is a recommended guide you have to keephttps://www.wizcase.com/blog/the-ultimate-guide-to-safe-online-browsing

By Fatima Mohsin

I am an experienced social media and engagement professional, with good technology awareness. Worked with many successful media businesses and Senior Delegate conferences, to ensure good quality face to face and digital content. I have a passion for working with B2B community where I add value by understanding the industry/ business/individual needs, to turn it into opportunities for networking and business growth. This allows me to facilitate growth for businesses and helps with my job satisfaction.

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