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Samsung S7 is just as beautiful and sleek as its predecessor. This flagship phone is smart, powerful, and waterproof. Samsung launched Galaxy S7 and S7 edge back in March 2016. These smartphones have been sold in amazing numbers. But now these two flagship phones are two years old and not surprisingly, facing issues both in hardware and software.

Samsung, on the other hand, has been continuously identifying the major issues and resolving these through software updates. But there are some common issues that users can address on their own instead of waiting for a software update.

Let’s find out some of the major issues, users are facing in Samsung Galaxy S7 and their possible solutions.

Problem 1: GPS not working

Threads and forums suggested that there has been a problem regarding GPS in Samsung S7. Users claimed GPS in Galaxy S7 not working properly.

Potential Solutions:

First of all, start the fixing by going to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Location. From there, make sure that your Location is set for GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks.

If you notice that a specific app is causing the issue in GPS, for example, Google Maps, then you might consider to wipe out the cache. Go to Settings > Applications > Application manager > find the Maps app in the list > tap Storage > Clear cache. This will clear the cache memory of that app.

You can also download and install the free GPS Status & Toolbox app. It will tell you the status of your GPS.

And if the problem still persists, try contacting Samsung, your carrier, or a retailer for a possible repair.

Problem 2: Audio Distorting

Audio distortion is one of the most common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. There can be a few reasons behind this issue. Let’s find out some possible solutions to fix the issue.

Potential Solutions

If your phone is accidentally dipped in water and is wet, and you are playing music on it, then you should wait a little to do that. Yes, the Galaxy S7 is water resistant, but playing audio through wet speakers will distort the audio.

Before playing any audio, double check that the speakers are completely dried out.

Lastly, there could be a software bug that is causing audio distortions. Go to Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Sound quality and effects > here, you will find an option called UHQ upscaler. Turn it off and back on to see if that resets the audio.

Problem 3: Micro SD corrupted after an update

There have been reports about Micro SD card being corrupted after updating to Android 7.0 Nougat. And when this happens, you cannot access your files stored on your SD card.

Potential Solutions:

It is always a good idea to back up your SD card before updating your phone. You can also decrypt the card and then update your phone.

If you are facing the corruption issue, then remove your SD card from the phone, stick it into your laptop and see if you can retrieve your data on it.

You can also try to restart your Samsung S7 having SD card inside the phone.

The last option is a bit harsh. Format your card. Though it will completely wipe your data stored on the card, you might be able to start using it again.

Problem 4: Mysterious Lines on the Screen

Yes, your Samsung Galaxy S7 screen is very delicate and sensitive, even a little pressure can result in a permanent line on it. Users noticed a pink and green line on the screen after being pressed with a little pressure.

Potential Solutions:

As Samsung S7 screen is too sensitive, so if you are wearing tight clothes then be cautious about placing your phone in your pockets.

Also be careful while sitting on the chair or something, if you have the S7 phone in your pocket.

If you see one of these mysterious lines on the screen, then we recommend contacting Samsung help centre or the retailer for a repair or replacement.

Problem 5: Unresponsive Black Screen

The unresponsive black screen is one of the biggest bugs, Samsung S7 users are facing. For some users, the sounds continue as normal but as far as the screen is concerned, it remains black and unresponsive. For others, the phone appears completely dead and won’t turn on.

Potential Solutions

If you see a black screen, hold down the Power and Volume buttons together for at least 10 seconds. This will restart your S7.

If this doesn’t work, then plug your S7 into the charger. Wait half an hour and then try the above-mentioned method again.

If you still find no luck, then try this. Hold down the Power, Home, and Volume up buttons together for several seconds. You will see the Samsung logo, then a recovery menu. From there, reboot your phone by using the Power button.

Problem 7: Black Dots on the screen

Samsung S7 and S8 users are also reporting the Black Dots issue in their phones. Though the black dots do not harm your phone, these are annoying. These dots are basically dead pixels in your S7’s screen.

Potential Solutions:

Right now, there is no permanent solution to this issue. But we have already covered some tips and tricks about how to get rid of dots in S6, S7 and S8’s screen.

Problem 8: Camera failing issue

A bunch of people are facing camera problem with their S7. When they open the camera app, it crashes with an error message, ‘Warning, Camera failed’. There is an easy fix for it. Perhaps a custom software development company – will be a good source of sorting out software issues.

Potential Solutions

One simple and temporary solution is to restart your Samsung S7 phone.

The second possible solution is to clear the cache of the camera app. Go to Settings > Applications > Application manager and find the Camera app, then tap Force stop. Now, tap on Storage > Clear cache and Clear data.

The camera problem might be due to a bug with the Smart stay. Go to Settings > Display > turn off the Smart stay.

We hope these solutions will help you with fixing the issues. But if you are still facing the issues, then you can sell your S7 edge or S7 phone and get a brand new one from any of the Samsung outlet or from reliable mobile phone selling websites.

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