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Everything you need to know about the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things is transforming every part of our everyday lives from the home and the office to the city around us.

Also known as IoT it refers to increased machine-to-machine communication via the internet.

IoT products include door locks, lights and appliances; offer insights into consumption habits; streamline business processes; and better connect us to the people, systems and environments that shape our daily lives.

Manchester sits at the heart of this tech revolution with a £10m government boost to invest in smart city technology.

On being crowned the UK’s Internet of Things Demonstrator City Mike Blackburn, chairman of the Greater Manchester LEP, said: “Manchester is a city built on innovation so it is a worthy winner of this competition.”

Although as a city we are excelling we wondered just how much IoT affects our daily lives?

So we asked the experts and here’s what we found out…

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