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Essential Features of Job Management Software for a Field Service Business

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Selecting and implementing job management software is an important task for businesses. They need to consider capabilities and vendor-specific requirements before deciding. To make things easier, here are three features the software must-have. Job management software is a complete solution that will help you manage every aspect of your service-based business from a central interface. Your data will be in one place, you can create schedules easily, review job orders and understand the overall performance of your team.

Scheduling and dispatch

This feature will be the center of your daily operations. Your technicians will plan their day based on the schedule. This feature is important because it has a direct impact on the customer experience.

Job management software has different capabilities when it comes to scheduling, but those that serve well have smart scheduling that allows dispatchers to change schedules quickly while keeping technicians updated. Some have text notifications on the part of the customer to let them know that someone is nearby, or they need to reschedule. Some scheduling feature can keep track of field employees so it will be easier to assign jobs to those closely located to a site.

Contact management

Contact management sets up automated messaging for certain groups of customers. Capabilities are similar to CRM or customer relationship management systems. Streamlining communication between customers also offers efficiency that can impact your operations. Instead of asking employees to contact customers, you can set up automatic emails and manage contacts accordingly.

This function can be advanced or simple, but it helps if it has automated communication that notifies customers instantly when it is time for their appointment or makes a follow-up if they need repeat service. It also helps if it can group customers based on type of service, location, last appointment, etc. Email marketing is also a successful campaign to keep them updated with your services. Advanced features allow technicians to send updated time of arrival data if they will be late.

Work order management

Work order management lets you stay organized. Job orders are the core of your operations, so it is necessary to keep them in order. Dispatchers need to set work orders efficiently. If they need to send many work orders to technicians, they need to keep track of them. This feature allows dispatchers to send all information your field technicians need to know about a job. Once it is complete, the technician can update the status of the order. Capabilities include recording of job details, tracking job status and mobile forms that allow technicians to record notes about a job, e.g. extend order or other unforeseen issues.

Choosing a new system need not be difficult. You can read reviews from industry peers about a vendor. Check out their reputation, viability and support offerings. Expect to have a range of options but take time to read about them and compare. Select software such as that developed by that is suitable for your requirements. Some options have a free trial period that lets you see if it matches your needs.

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