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How ERP Transforms Inventory Management

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Once upon a time, the task of inventory management was done on paper, kept in manila folders, and stored in filing cabinets by the dozens. To make matters more complicated and time-consuming, periodically, the folders would need to be sorted and reorganized to make room for new files. Obtaining an accurate picture of inventory numbers was difficult because human error must be factored into the final count.
With the addition of enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory management is faster, easier, and more accurate. ERP allows businesses not only to track operations, logistics, and costs related to management aspects but also to obtain instant and up-to-date information about their inventory, allowing them to better meet customer needs and demands.
By using the available tools and features, organizations can transform their ERP inventory management. Changes organizations may notice include:


  • Better management of surplus inventory;


  • Superior product tracking;


  • Management of external inventory; and


  • Data in real time.

How Your Inventory Management Will Be Transformed

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