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ERP Suppliers’ Changing Role

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When it comes to “back-end” processes like taking orders, managing finances or procuring materials, most companies rely on enterprise resources planning (ERP) software. The success of ERP at being an integrated transactional foundation have helped ERP suppliers grow into some of the biggest enterprise software companies around, with the largest vendors acquiring or building supply chain execution (SCE) software applications along the way.

Today, major ERP vendors rank as some of the leading suppliers of warehouse management system (WMS) software and other SCE solutions such as transportation management systems (TMS). In fact, analyst firm Gartner figures that in terms of the number of new WMS deals, the leading WMS vendors have roots in ERP, even while the major “best-of-breed” SCE/WMS providers continue to do well when it comes to overall sales. Thus, in many cases, a company’s ERP vendor may also be its WMS vendor.

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