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ERP Software Market Procurement Research – Pricing Trends and Forecast by SpendEdge

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Global procurement market intelligence advisory firm, SpendEdge, has announced the release of their ‘ERP Software Procurement Research Report.’ The insights and data in this report provide a strategic analysis of the supply markets, factors influencing purchasing decisions, procurement best practices, pricing models, supplier landscape, and an analysis of the supplier capability matrix for the IT industry. This report breaks down the data and analysis behind the procurement of ERP software and acts as an all-inclusive guide for making smart purchasing decisions.

“The global ERP software market is consolidated due to the dominance of global players,” says SpendEdge procurement research analyst Bhuvaneshwari Udayakumar. “Several suppliers in the market are entering into M&A because they are focusing on increasing their product portfolio to cater to a large set of buyers and their requirements,” added Bhuvaneshwari.

Report Insights

  • The increased adoption of cloud-based ERP software due to lower upfront costs, which results from reduced infrastructure costs, is driving the global ERP software market.
  • Purchasing managers must identify specific goals of the business and then focus on the features and modules needed for each business process to achieve these goals. This will help purchasing managers integrate required modules into the ERP platform while reducing cost and improving efficiency.
  • The process of ERP implementation takes longer time due to several factors such as understanding the specific needs of the business, the time taken during internal decision making, and data transfer from legacy systems to ERP software.

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