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ERP Software Applies RFID to Simplify Inventory Processes

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Global Shop Solutions helps their customers achieve higher productivity by incorporating radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into its manufacturing ERP software to simplify time, attendance and routine inventory processes.
Some manufacturers use multiple systems to manage building entry, logging on and off jobs and visual identification. Global Shop Solutions’ RFID technology is designed to save time and improve building security by consolidating these three processes. Using a single RFID card, employees can now gain entry at the front door, clock into jobs and visually identify their authorization to be in the building. The ERP software’s integration of RFID management is said to eliminate the need for biometric scanners, barcoded employee lists and separate ID badges, streamlining building entry and ERP system access and reducing human error.
The company offers its RFID technology to customers at no additional cost. Users will need to purchase their own RFID readers and inventory labels with embedded RFID chips.
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