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ERP provider pushes priorities of flexibility and speedy integration

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The successful implementation of ERP projects can hinge on the capacity for software, cloud-based or otherwise, to integrate smoothly. Dexter + Chaney’s latest venture, the Spectrum Integration Hub, illustrates the growing importance of this demand: It features solutions comprised of pre-built connectors, standard-based interfaces and bulk data access. Its aim is to facilitate seamless communication with other applications, creating an open application program environment that is based on open technology standards.
The Spectrum Integration Hub is powered by several different Spectrum offerings that can be used together or separately, depending on integration needs. This includes out-of-the-box application connectors between Spectrum and some of the most widely-used software applications, thanks to technology partner agreements with leading integration companies.
The enhancements effectively allow Spectrum to operate using open standards, with simple and seamless integrations. “This increases the time to value for our clients’ Spectrum investment by expanding its ultimate functionality,” explains Scott Rosenbloom, Dexter + Chaney’s vice president of strategy. “It also future-proofs Spectrum and lets users scale their next generation technology adoptions without having to worry whether their core ERP platform will keep pace.”
Anything that can make it easier for a client – for example, a plug-and-play environment where it is convenient to integrate future applications and technologies – will help developers to win ERP projects. Such flexibility also allows client firms to preserve and leverage software investments through unforeseen business and market fluctuations.
Key Takeaways:
– Successful software integration should be at the heart of any ERP project.
– Vendors will better their chances of winning ERP projects by placing the client experience among the top priorities.
– Ensuring systems that allow easy addition of future enhancements will be another feature of a successful project.


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