No doubt about it: Cloud ERP adoption is on the rise. But that doesn’t mean manufacturers are migrating their key on-premises back-office and production systems exclusively to a single software-as-a-service application in the cloud. Many are adopting a hybrid cloud architecture to enjoy the best of both worlds.

According to the 2017 RightScale State of the Cloud survey, 58% of large enterprise respondents have a hybrid cloud architecture strategy that blends cloud functionality from one or more providers with on-premises systems. An IDC study came to a similar conclusion: More than 70% of “heavy” cloud users are considering a hybrid cloud architecture.

Here’s the basic idea: Select one provider to be your primary cloud provider of computing power and enterprise software, which often means ERP. Then, either fill in discrete tasks such as logistics and fulfillment, warehouse management and payroll with other cloud applications or let them stay on premises.

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