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ERP data access now extends beyond the office

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SaberLogic, an Ohio professional services firm most commonly known for its ERP custom development services and support, has introduced a new way to interact with enterprise data on the go. Called Bezlio, the software-as-a-service product lets trusted users access critical data from any PC or mobile device without exposing any of that information to the internet.
Bezlio uses a secure, token-based system through an encrypted communication network to connect mobile users with data sitting behind the company firewall – but without opening any holes in that firewall. Locally logged-in administrators can control which mobile users can connect, as well as what they’re permitted to read and edit.
Using individual plug-ins to connect to various applications through their native APIs, Bezlio already offers access to Salesforce, Microsoft SQL Server, Epicor ERP, ODBC and Crystal Reports. More enterprise systems are coming online every week.
“This product represents 14 years of understanding our customers’ needs and always thinking ‘there has to be a better way,’ ” said Adam Ellis, a partner at SaberLogic. “It has been incredible to watch our preview accounts start to see what is possible with the platform and become as excited as we are.”



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