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ERP And Digital Transformation Go Hand In Hand

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ERP software can transform your business digitally. A robust ERP system can have a significant impact in modern business and digital transformation.

ERP And Digital Transformation

ERP And Digital Transformation

ERP And Digital Transformation-Digital transformation is the order of the day to deal with a competitive and challenging business environment. Therefore, we witness that established as well as mid-sized companies invest significant amounts of money and time in implementing digital transformation strategies. Entrepreneurs also tend to keep the objectives of more efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP) and more productivity in mind while adopting digital transformation.

Simply put, the process efficiency or operational efficiency is the driving force behind integrating digital transformation in the workplace. Today, thanks to advancing technology, emerging concepts like ERP, big data, analytics, and IoT (Internet of Things) are included to reach the desired outcome of digital transformation. But how can ERP shape digital transformation?

Importance of digital transformation

As the term suggests, digital transformation is a process that leads business operations toward a digitalisation, thereby leveraging the disrupting technologies for increasing productivity and efficiency.

For example, the rise of cab-hailing startup Uber is largely attributed to digital transformation. The company has successfully integrated a mobile app in its system to bring automation and convenience in the user’s life.

Digital transformation aims to bring inclusive growth for the company. It helps companies to improve customer services and maintain compliance with the prevalent laws. As we live in the digital age, the ultimate goal of digital transformation seems to be to transform our daily lives by bringing more comfort and convenience.

ERP plays pivotal role

ERP has a major impact on digital transformation. It has the capability of bringing revolutionary changes in various processes of modern business.

As per the Panorama Consulting Solutions report, about 81 percent of companies are either in the process of implementing enterprise resource planning software or have completed integration. Globally, over 50,000 companies have integrated SAP Business One.

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Article Credit: E3 Magazine International

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