Equinix has announced it is delivering direct and private access to Salesforce via the Equinix Cloud Exchange. This is available to all US and European customers with no details of when they will support other regions. Private and dedicated connections improve speed and reliability. They also reduce compliance concerns for customers in regulated industries.

According to a statement by Bill Long, Vice President, Interconnection Solutions, Equinix: “Salesforce has a strong foothold in the enterprise market as a leader in business and CRM applications. For certain customers, an all-public cloud solution comes with its regulatory concerns. But, by providing these customers with dedicated connectivity to their Salesforce environments simply, securely and cost-effectively from Cloud Exchange, we help them connect and build a hybrid cloud solution that works for them.”

Equinix Cloud Exchange continues to grow

Equinix Cloud Exchange is continuing to deliver dedicated and secure cloud connectivity. Salesforce is just the latest company that Equinix has signed a deal with. It already has deals with Oracle, AWS, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer and Rackspace. For enterprise customers moving towards a hybrid cloud solution, dedicated links are essential.

There are already 21 locations that offer access to the Equinix Cloud Exchange. The recent acquisition of 24 Verizon data centres is likely to increase that. With Salesforce now connected and the connection to Oracle providing access to NetSuite, the question who next? All the major ERP and CRM players are pushing a hybrid cloud future. This means that the likes of Infor, IFS, and Epicor will have to consider their options soon. As customers take on cloud-based solutions they want fast and reliable connectivity.


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