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Epicor reveals technology investment provides significant boost to ‘grow getter’ businesses

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Businesses in Mexico, China and India are increasingly turning to technology to power successful growth, reveals new global research from Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth. Around three quarters of Chinese and Indian firms (74% and 73% respectively) and 63% of Mexican firms cited IT investment as important, compared to a global figure of 54%.

Overall, the research figures indicate that many of the world’s businesses, particularly those in established economies, do not ‘get growth’ in the same way as their emerging market peers and risk falling behind ‘grow getter’ businesses in emerging markets. These businesses demonstrate a strong motivation to invest in technology to empower their organisation.

‘Grow getter’ businesses are those that take advantage of macro-economic factors, such as low cost skilled labour and a healthy GDP. They use technology to expand into new markets and locations swiftly, without having to invest in high labour costs, and they have the processes in place to adapt their product ranges to match consumer demand.

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