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Epicor locks up LSC with ERP

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Epicor has announced that Locksmiths’ Supply Company (LSC) has implemented the cloud based Epicor ERP solution. The decision to implement a modern ERP is part of a wider digitalisation program. Part of the impetus for doing this has come as the security industry is becoming increasingly high tech.

LSC staff and clients are seeing increasing use of sophisticated technology. For example, moving to keyless locks in the automotive industry. Paul Newton, LSC’s project team leader explains: “Security is a growth industry and technological advancements are being made all the time. Our staff are used to seeing smart technology built into the products we sell, from the humble car key right up to home automation, commercial and automotive security. In order to remain competitive and retain staff, the onus was on us as managers to provide modern software which is flexible, intuitive and instinctive rather than proprietary, complex and unwieldy.”

Cloud was a must

LSC has five offices in Australia and one in New Zealand, they distribute more than 30,000 SKU (Stock keeping units) from leading manufacturers from around the globe. Their historic green screen solution did not deliver what they needed. They recently replaced their own security plaform with a new web filter and antivirus solution. They are also in the process of moving much of their architecture to the cloud. With Epicor hosted on Azure they are also looking to migrate to Office365.

A cloud based ERP solution would enable them to centralise their information. This gives them a holistic view of inventory. They are also working with Epicor to reduce logistics costs as they optimise distribution from a new centralised distribution centre.

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