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Enhancing the customer journey through the IoT

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly a hot topic as connected devices become prevalent in our lives. In fact, a survey by the Internet Advertising Bureau last year found that the average UK household had 8.3 connected devices and this can be anything from a smartphone to a TV to a fridge. This is opening up complex support challenges and opportunities. Modern businesses need to be smart in how we deal with these.

We can build services around IoT devices that make many customer support interactions unnecessary. Using customer and device feedback along with historical data, manufacturers have the opportunity to understand and identify common problems and issues with devices as well as how consumers prefer to use them.

This level of information means that there is the potential to make IoT devices self-diagnosing and self-correcting for certain common issues or circumstances. Also, connected devices can act as the front line for customer support flagging issues before they become worse. This can all be automated and helps us by providing next issue resolution before we even know an issue exists.

From a customer support team perspective, there are a number of efficiencies we can gain from the increase of IoT in our lives. Businesses can make it easy for customers to serve themselves, seamlessly switching support to human interaction only when needed and freeing up support agents’ time to work on other things. Businesses can enhance support systems so their agents have the real-time pertinent information from IoT devices that they need to support and reassure the customer – such as automatically knowing the makes and models of the interconnected devices they are supporting, and any recent interactions between them, without needing to ask so they can provide the right information first time.

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