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For England, is cyber security about creating jobs? For Scots, a condition for selling to government?

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Two different takes emerged last week on how two different parts of UK national government think they should be protecting their polities, economies and citizens.

What makes that contrast even more interesting: one is the ‘official’, national view – that of Westminster, while the other is that of the rising power base north of the border, that of Scotland’s seat of power, Holyrood. And it’s a difference that could become even acuter should Brexit strains push the two governments even further apart than they seem to be growing on this, and so many other issues.

The two approaches can be summed up thus: the view in London is that better skilling up is the key to success, while from Edinburgh, the emphasis seems to be more on common standards and approaches inside organisations, especially public sector ones – but also the supply chain that provides goods and services into those organisations has to be much more cyber security conscious, too.

One way to view this is that for Tories, you get better security by building a home-grown security sector – and for Scottish Nationalists, you spend money making the public sector safer, whether it likes it or not (a key lesson of the WannaCry crisis, perhaps?).

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