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Emerging Technologies Fill Oracle’s Smart UX Toolbox

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As companies talk seriously about the workplace role of adaptive intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language understanding, it’s time to talk about the fundamental shift in user experience (UX) these emerging technologies could also bring about.

Our research on emerging technologies reveals three main benefits to developing such a smart UX:

  • Automate tasks to increase efficiency.
  • Advise users on the best course of action to meet their objectives.
  • Discover relevant, actionable information while also inviting exploration.
Source: Oracle

Source: Oracle

The goal is to deliver more personalized and contextual user experiences based on where users are and what they’re doing.

Two concepts are particularly important in building a smart UX:

  • How we leverage technology and design to anticipate what a user needs.
  • The “thinness” of an experience—how much users have to go through before they get value out of their experience.

One or Two Steps Ahead

Any form of intelligence, whether machine learning or AI, is there to anticipate your needs. This extends beyond computers—a butler, for example, is there to do what you ask and anticipate your needs.

From a UX perspective, we can look at any transaction. An online form may have 40 items—that’s 40 things for the user to understand or learn about and actually do.

With the addition of machine learning, information is gathered amid the structure of several business processes, and that data is stored in the system. So now when the user opens that form, what if 35 of those 40 fields are already filled in or contain suggestions? The user has to learn only five things now.

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