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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted that the Tesla Model 3 and other self-driving cars will soon be able to use artificial intelligence to predict where you want to go.

Musk’s announcement, made via Twitter, comes as the electric vehicle maker revealed plans to build a manufacturing plant in China.

Tesla was one of the first companies to introduce self-driving technology into its vehicles through its Tesla Autopilot software. The feature allows the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3 to operate autonomously when navigating traffic.

A new Autopilot update could allow Tesla vehicles to take their driverless capabilities one step further by anticipating the destination of its passengers, Musk told a Twitter user on October 21.

“It won’t even need to ask you most of the time,” Musk said in response to a question about whether future Tesla Autopilot updates would allow the passenger to ask the electric car to take it somewhere.

When another Twitter user suggested it would be relatively simple to sync your calendar to the car’s Autopilot system, Musk added: “Yeah, don’t exactly need to be Sherlock Holmes.”

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Article Credit: Newsweek


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