The UK’s top ERP comparison platform is helping British businesses choose the right management software solutions for their needs with an inventory of insider tips. Penned by the team of in-house experts, the latest advice guide from Every ERP ( is a must read resource for any SME wanting to get it right the first time.

With the marketplace saturated with ERP solutions it can be difficult for SMEs to pinpoint the right software for their unique needs. While many companies believe that a `one size fits all’ approach is adequate, the reality is that failure to strategize is one of the key contributors to the alarmingly high ERP implementation failure levels that are plaguing SMEs across the globe. Every ERP is helping British businesses get it right the first time with a list of tried and tested tips used by the in-house team of software experts.

“Taking the plunge with an ERP vendor can be an incredibly confusing and stressful experience. Every ERP exists to help streamline the implementation process and help businesses choose an optimal ERP solution that matches the unique needs of their business model,” says Danny Parsons, Managing Director.

First and foremost, Every ERP recommends kicking off the purchasing process with an in-depth process review and analysis. As ERP is primarily a business initiative SME owners should take the time to define and document existing processes, strengths and weaknesses. The findings will underpin the ERP search process and help determine whether or not a vendor’s product complements the context of a business’s individual needs.

Next, businesses should consider whether ERP solutions can be seamlessly aligned with current infrastructure. This technical evaluation is paramount to facilitating a streamlined transition.

Almost all SMEs have budgets to adhere to, which means that an understanding of the total cost of ERP ownership is essential. During the sales cycle costs and risks are often downplayed which leaves businesses vulnerable to unexpected costs. For this reason SMEs should always dig deep in order to uncover `hidden fees’ such as implementation, set-up, hardware upgrades, backfilling, maintenance, training and more. As a comparison platform dedicated to transparency, Every ERP is committed to offering all clients an honest and accurate overview of ERP expenses.

For businesses in search of consummate ERP solutions the option of customisation is an absolute must. Tailor made features and functions greatly enhance the capabilities of ERP systems which means businesses can custom build bespoke software that fits the exact needs of their business.

Finally, seeking objective and independent advice is a guaranteed way to secure a superlative ERP solution. Every ERP exists to do just this, offering SMEs access to a comprehensive range of accredited ERP vendors, with zero bias.

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Every ERP is an online resource set up in collaboration with ERP professionals around the world to help organisations understand what is ERP and what ERP can do for their businesses. The service encompasses all of the world’s leading products, including Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, Sage, Infor, Netsuite, Agresso and more. All clients receive consultations from an in-house team of experts who actively analyse your business needs and match them to the most relevant ERP products.


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