Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

You will need to create eye captivating visuals if you want to grow your following and drive more engagement on Instagram and social media traffic to your site. Instagram as it is, has the ability to reach out to a larger audience much quickly as compared to the other social media platforms.

  • It will reach a larger audience because it has more than a billion active users in a month on this platform.
  • It will reach out to this audience faster because this is an app essentially operable on a mobile phone meaning you will be able to tap them on the go as people spend most of their free time on social media platforms.

Therefore, the rise in popularity of Instagram in the business circuit for product marketing and brand promotion is quite natural and accessible.

 A bit of its background

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has literally taken the world by storm. Right from the criticism when Facebook took it over to it reaching the one billion user milestone, Instagram has seen it all. This is the most popular platform in the social media landscape where everyone seems to have an account.

A not so surprising fact about Instagram is that nearly half of its accounts are related to a business. It is for the benefits and high return that this platform provides to the businesses that have resulted in so many brands creating an account in this platform which enables them to make a better and faster online presence.

Therefore, without any doubt or hesitation, you should also create one for your business if you want to have:

  • More followers for Instagram
  • Traffic to your site
  • Increased sales and business revenue.

At all costs, if you want to succeed in a modern-day business landscape where competition is fierce, Instagram is the platform, where you should be. This is because Instagram is the platform where most of your target audience is. This means that you will be able to reach them quickly.

Need for creating captivating visuals

If it is said in a few simple words, the need to create eye captivating Instagram visuals is that the platform only allows photos and short videos to be posted. In order to know the other reasons for it, you will need to dig a bit deeper, starting with the basic facts.

According to research, it is learned that:

  • Daily Instagram Stories are a hit on this platform having over 500 million users
  • 60% of all adults all over the world who are online have an Instagram account and use it on a regular basis
  • Almost 80% of the users follow at least one business account
  • About three-fourth of the users make a purchase only after seeing the image of the product on this popular photo-sharing platform

All these facts show that there is a diverse set of people using this platform having a diverse set of needs, choices, and preferences. They belong to different places, cultures, religions, traditions,s and speak a diverse set of languages. In order to reach them all, you will need a universal language, and images or photos only speak such a language and more importantly, a thousand words for each photo!

Therefore, using images is the best possible way to reach different types of people because texts written in a particular language may not be known to all.

Create better engagement

Instagram is not for personal use anymore as it was in the initial years. It is a global platform where you will find people of different ages and cultures and therefore every brand needs to be humanized on this platform. Using pictorial content will help you to humanize your brand in the best possible way.

Using images will also ensure that you showcase your product, skill, and art in the best possible and most artistic way. If the images are captivating then it will not only grab the attention of the audience that you have targeted but will also inspire them to take the necessary actions as suggested and wanted by you. For example:

  • Clicking on the call to action for making a purchase will increase the sales of your product or
  • Clicking the link to visit your site to know more details about the product will increase the traffic to your site.

In both cases, it will create a better engagement and will be better for you and your business to be benefitted, and it will all be possible simply because your images in the content are captivating and inspiring.

It is more active

Images used on Instagram are simply more active and it increases the engagement level in the users. It is due to the inspiring and attractive visuals that make the users visit the site daily, and come visit it even multiple times a day.

When your images are liked by the users, it will create better brand awareness when you want to introduce a new product. The images will allow you to promote your brand and product in the most authentic, friendly, and productive way.

The most important factor is that through your eye-catching images you cannot make any sales pitch as you can through text. Remember, hard selling to your customers will put them off and they will soon unfollow you and your account which ideally should be the last thing that you want.

Few points in the end

After all these Instagram statistics, you may be willing to try out your hand in Instagram marketing for your business benefits. However, since you are a beginner, there are a few things that you should keep in mind because initially, this platform may seem to be a bit intimidating.

Make sure that when you create your captivating visual content, you use the right type of image that is relevant to your product. Focus on the resolution of the photo, the color, and the background, and most importantly add a human element in it apart from keeping your product in the focal point.

By Sohel Ather

Sohel Ather is Guest blogger; He focuses on actionable and unique ideas that can be used to grow your business and make a real difference for your customers.

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