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Driverless technology needs to be promoted not discouraged.

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Over the last few years, I have lost some family and have seen my friends get hurt on our roads. Terrible driving behavior, road infrastructure, and maintenance were to blame on each occasion. In the same few years, I have had the privilege of living and working around the world, which has helped me see just how far behind we are as a country in terms of road safety.

In 2015, Delhi alone had 1,582 fatalities in road accidents compared to 1,730 in the entire United Kingdom. Looking at similarly populated cities – Bengaluru had 714 fatalities which were seven times more than in London (136). A terrible contrast. Not to mention the untold suffering faced by the families involved. You yourself have a target to reduce accidents in India by 50 percent by 2020. But going by the current trends, it is a tall order.

Even though the accident statistics are relatively lower in countries like the UK or Germany, those countries are looking to reduce them even further by reducing human error which is estimated to cause more than 90 percent of road accidents. This is one of the prime arguments for the research into driverless vehicles in the industry among countries around the world.

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