Sat. Jan 9th, 2021

UX for IoT raises some tricky questions. When we’re designing for the Internet of Things, are we going for automation and eliminating a human UI entirely? And how do we account for the range of devices and industries? Those are some of the questions I got into with the IoT team from Infiswift.

One glaring oversight in my Enterprise UX series is designing for IoT. Internet of Things projects are typically data-focused, but that doesn’t render UX design irrelevant. If anything, it raises the stakes, posing problems that the most experienced UX designers may not have encountered.

Recently I had the chance to hash this out with the Infiswift team. Joining me on the phone were Phil Dawsey, Marketing Director and Subramani Baskar, Lead UX Designer. Infiswift bills itself as an IoT platform company that provides a tech foundation for customers to build out IoT solutions. Though they provide the “wiring and piping” like device and user management, Dawsey says that the biggest need is supporting customers as they build:

Most companies on the enterprise side need pretty much full support in developing an IoT solution because the IOT is the wild, wild west right now.

Whether it’s solar power or agriculture, companies have IoT ideas but “there’s no defined way, like mobile or web, to build out these solutions.”

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