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Don’t bring your data silos into the ERP cloud

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So, you’ve decided to move many of your most important business processes to the cloud.

Are you planning to move your data silos to the cloud, too?

Most IT types would immediately say, “No way!” But unless your cloud technology plan includes a specific strategy for embracing today’s multi-cloud world, your move to the cloud may just perpetuate one of the costliest and most frustrating problems businesses have faced over the past 25 years.

A cloud-based data silo is still a silo

There’s no doubt that moving to the cloud can save you money. Nucleus Research estimates that migrating most of your systems to the cloud could save you more than 20% in IT spending as a percentage of revenue. They also report that cloud application projects deliver 2.1 times the relative ROI of on-premise projects.

But even as your cloud applications are saving you money, they may be trapping your critical business data inside data silos. And without the benefit of a “single source of truth,” a huge component of cloud business is squandered.

For years, most companies have used a wide variety of on-premises applications to run their businesses. These applications generally don’t talk to each other unless you build (or purchase) integrations between them. That’s why employees have to waste so many hours exporting data from one system and uploading it to another. And that’s why business processes that should be seamless are often fraught with error-prone manual steps.

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