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Attend ‘IoT in Retail’ event and learn to turn your store into a theatrical space with Benetton

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Discover how to turn a store into a theatrical space where a show is occurring all the time and customers become both audience and actors. Understand how to transform the retail experience into a spectacle where invisible technologies engage in with customers in the most memorable way with joyfulness and fun. Learn more in the IoT in Retail event at the London Technology Week 

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Giovanni is the design researcher and has been collaborating with the Benetton Group since 2008. He currently manages a digital signage network comprising around 85 Benetton stores across the world.  At Fabrica (the Benetton’s research communication centre) he coordinated in 2010-13 Benetton Live Windows, a project designed for creative experiences in front of the stores, using mainly interactive applications and non-commercial contents. This awarded case history has demonstrated the power of both emotional involvement and bodily movement in creating memorable

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