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Different Reasons And Times When A Startup Need A Culture Code

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Ideally, for any business startup, there are three fundamental groups of people that matter most. These are:

  • Yourself
  • The team you work with and most importantly
  • The community you live in or want to serve.

Community here includes everyone from the customers of the business to the ecosystem of the startup and even to the larger social community on which most of the businesses now rely heavily.

It is not an easy task to build a community. For this you will need to follow and showcase your business culture and spend several hours in creating a culture code for your company. However, and unfortunately, most young startup employee seldom looks into this aspect and as a consequence fails to sustain and survive the cut throat competition in this landscape. They find difficulty in different aspects of running a business properly such as:

  • In managing their operations and production
  • In administering and controlling their employees and
  • In managing their sales and marketing.

Most importantly, they find it extremely difficult to deal with the business finance looking for creditors and financers to help them out. As a result, they take on more debt than they can afford to, fall and remain in the debt trap and spend most of their valuable time looking for ways and debt relief options at and others to come out of it quickly. Tis time and effort they could have easily devoted to their business if they were strategic right from the outset of their business venture.

Reasons to build a company culture code

Therefore, if you want to do well as a startup, right from the start you will need to create and follow a specific culture code in and out of your company. It is not very difficult to do so, provided you know how exactly you can create an aspirational and practical culture code that you as well as your employees should live by. If you are unsure about the ways to go about it, read on to know:

  • Why you should build a culture code
  • The process you need to follow to create this as well as
  • The outcome you can expect from your creation.

The culture code plays a very important role for the startups to grow and compete with their existing counterparts. All it need is a little bit of your time and effort.

Reasons to define company culture

There are lots of good reason as to why you should define the culture of your company and it is certainly not only for the reason that most successful leaders talk nonstop about it and its importance in their business literatures.

Workers are usually tired from their corporate experience and knowledge. They do not believe that a few specific words written on the wall or on stone determine success. Success typically depends on the culture of the company that emerges from different elements and factors such as:

  • The way everyone behaves in the company
  • The things they care for the most and
  • The reward or punishment they receive for their job and performance accordingly.

Experts however say that the culture of a company is doing a thousand things for a thousand times. It is the way in which the team behaves even when there is no one looking at them. Irrespective of their personal life, the culture code of the company will typically dictate different things such as how they behave with each other at the workplace that include:

  • Their coworkers
  • The owners
  • The vendors
  • The partners
  • The customers and
  • The other stakeholders.

All this will affect the productivity, performance and even the reputation and survival of a business. It is for these specific reasons you should invest some time in creating a perfect culture code for your company.

Therefore, even if you feel that your company is doing well, it is vital that you pause and reflect on different aspects of your business such as what your company is really about. Write these down and discuss it with others when you have to make amendments in your company culture code. It will help all others in your company and outside to know about it and the need for a change.

The right time to define

If you want to define the company culture, do not just do it whenever you feel like. You should wait for the right time to define it. This is extremely important because your company culture will depend on the growth of your team.

For best results and creation, you should follow a good rule of thumb. This is, you should change your approach when the size of your team crosses definite thresholds such as:

  • 10 employees
  • 25 employees
  • 100 employees
  • 500 employees and so on.

With each of these stages crossed, it will need and additional layer of a department or management. As for the early team members it is easy because they get a longer facetime with their founders and can therefore absorb their behaviors just like a sponge.

On the other hand, as and when your team crosses the threshold sizes mentioned above, it will become harder for you to spend time with the team and to draw a well-documented culture code document, though such a document then  becomes more and more vital for your company to perform in a better way. Experts say that the best time to define company culture is when you cross the threshold of 25 team members.

The process to create a culture code

In order to build the perfect culture code for your company, you should follow a few basic steps that will also prevent you from falling into the common pitfalls of it.

  • Start with the people who matter most
  • Brainstorm to find the right way
  • Create your culture code most democratically
  • Debate each point and then narrow down the list
  • Come up with specific business principles and
  • Think about those specific behaviors you already display.

This is the easiest way to create the best culture code for a startup that will pave its way to success.

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