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Deploying IoT Devices with Wind River* Helix* Device Cloud

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Wind River* Helix* Device Cloud enables remote management and monitoring of your Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices and gateways, scaling to thousands of devices. This article explores the benefits of Device Cloud and describes some of the capabilities it provides for deployed devices.

Device Cloud is a cloud-based service designed to manage and monitor IoT devices at large scales. Building an IoT device can be a challenge in itself, but attempting to manage thousands or hundreds of thousands of these deployed devices can be an uphill battle.

Device Cloud takes care of many of the common management and monitoring tasks associated with IoT deployments, including securely capturing and monitoring data from disparate devices, supporting mass configuration, and even firmware updates. All these capabilities come through a single, web-based console.

As Figure 1 shows, Device Cloud monitors and manages devices over the Internet and exposes a web-based console and Representational State Transfer (REST)-ful application programming interfaces (APIs) to enterprise applications to provide full access to deployed devices around the world.

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