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Demystifying SAP S/4HANA with Derek Prior | Tech Talk with Faraz

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Faraz had a pleasure speaking to Derek Prior on S4 HANA and discover some secrets on S/4. Derek was the Research Director in Gartner and is now a non-executive Director at Resulting Limited. Since 1991 he has specialized in the technology issues surrounding SAP business. With his vast experience in S4 HANA, we discussed the transition to S4 from ECC, benefits of S4 HANA, ease of deployment and much more.

Derek Prior Bio– Having completed a Ph.D. in Air Pollution featuring real-time computing He initially specialized in process control systems engineering, plus simulator design. Over time his technology interests have expanded to include business issues. 17 years at HP UK provided him with manufacturing, Quality and people management skills. Since 1991 He has specialized in the technology issues surrounding SAP business applications. He helped HP UK become a major SAP partner in Europe. He was then asked to join Gartner as a Research Director, where He traveled the World extensively to give keynote presentations on SAP.

At AMR Research He is heavily involved in the impact of SOA and Enterprise Architecture on SAP customers.

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