Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Demand for AWS and Azure skills on the rise as cloud adoption grows

Engineers with cloud expertise are much sought after


Demand for engineers with skills relating to Amazon Web Services(AWS) or Microsoft’s Azure platform has seen the most growth in the IT jobs market over the past year, according to hosting firm Rackspace.

Cloud adoption by organisations of all sizes is picking up pace, and IT professionals who can help companies build a cloud-based services portfolio and integrate these with existing infrastructure are in high demand.

Rackspace said in a research report analysing the IT skills most in demand in the UK that vacancies relating to AWS expertise increased by 53 per cent in the past year, while jobs specifying Microsoft Azureexperience increased by 75 per cent.

This rising demand for these skills is a clear indication of the growing value of both platforms, and organisations need experts to help them tailor off-the-shelf solutions and maximise the benefits of migrating to the cloud, Rackspace said.

“I expect the rise in demand for cloud-related jobs to continue as a growing number of businesses adopt a multi-cloud strategy using platforms such as Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and AWS,” said Rackspace UK managing director Darren Norfolk.

“The highly competitive recruitment market for skills in these areas means that managing the platforms in-house could become more costly than it has been in the past.”

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