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Dell Upgrades PCs-As-A-Service Program

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“As a service” has become all the rage these days, whether it is with ridesharing (Uber and Lyft), grocery shopping (Instacart), home improvement (HomeAdvisor), and of course, data centres as a service ( AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, IBM Cloud).  We all know Dell for its PCs, but recently services have increasingly become a differentiator for the company. I covered Dell’s unique ProSupport a few years back which leveraged big data and IoT approaches for predictive maintenance which was and still is very cutting-edge. Dell Technologies recently announced an expansion to its PC-as-a-Service  (PCaaS) offerings, which I wanted to offer my take on. Before I jump into the services realm though, I wanted to say a few things about Dell’s recent PC performance as when I attended the company’s analyst day recently in New York City; I walked away with a few nuggets.

Dell’s PC business doing great

Dell’s Q2 PC financials showed us several impressive things. First, the company’s global PC share grew for the 18thconsecutive quarter (from 15.9% to 17%), and Dell’s overall shipments grew 3.7% year-over-year (aided in part by an unusually strong notebook showing).

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Article Credit: Forbes

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