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Dell EMC’s Azure Stack Hardware Gets PowerEdge Upgrade

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Dell EMC is giving its Azure Stack hybrid cloud solution a hefty upgrade, courtesy of the company’s latest PowerEdge servers.

First unveiled at the inaugural Microsoft Ignite conference in 2015, Azure Stack is a software and converged hardware bundles offered by select server manufacturers. It provides infrastructure and platform as a service functionality, essentially enabling organizations to run their own private Azure clouds within their data centers.

Using the same management and development tools as the Azure public cloud, the product enables customers that are well-versed on Microsoft’s technology to establish private and hybrid cloud computing environments quickly and with relative ease.

During this September’s Microsoft Insight conference, Dell announced it had begun shipping its Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack to early support customers. Now, the company is taking the wraps off a major upgrade powered by its new, high-performance 14th generation PowerEdge servers.

“Compared to the previous generations, they feature improved price for performance and increased capacity—supporting more than up to 2.5 times the workload density for typical workloads. This increase in capacity enables customers to support more workloads in less physical space,” a Dell EMC spokesperson told eWEEK in email remarks.

Buyers can expect more of practically everything (CPU cores, memory, Solid State Drive cache and hard drive capacity) by stepping up to the newer systems.

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Article Credit:Eweek

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