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Dell EMC dives deeper into AI

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Dell EMC says it wants to democratise high performance (HPC) while helping customers achieve faster, better and deeper data insights.

The company’s Machine and Deep Learning Ready Bundles are part of a new portfolio that seeks to deliver on this promise. These Ready Bundles combine pre-tested and validated servers, storage, networking and services optimised for the machine and deep learning applications.

While AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning are rapidly being deployed by many organisations across several industries, only a small number possess the expertise to design, deploy and manage such systems to use them effectively for rapidly gaining new insights. Dell EMC’s  new solutions offer customers the ability to harness the power of the massive amounts of their collected data, delivering faster, better and deeper business insights in real-time.

Armughan Ahmad, senior vice president/general manager, hybrid cloud and ready solutions, Dell EMC said one of the organisations’ biggest challenges is how to best manage and learn from the ever-increasing amount of data they collect daily. “With Dell EMC’s high-performance computing experience, we’ve seen how our artificial intelligence solutions can deliver critical insights from this data, faster than ever before possible.

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