Vendors that offer solutions across complete healthcare functions or therapeutic areas will be best positioned to harness growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Transformational Health team

SANTA CLARA, CaliforniaAug. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The healthcare industry is experiencing a redefinition of “value” through the changing expectations of care quality, reimbursement models, and patient experience. To deliver new forms of “value,” the stakeholders need a far granular dissection of data within and from outside their enterprise. In response, data analytics vendors are bringing new and innovative programs to the market that can help solve highly specific business issues, such as revenue streams, operating models, and target customer segments.

However, healthcare data analytics solutions currently available in the market tend to have a rather niche scope, creating challenges around scalability and business sustainability for both analytics vendors and their industry customers. While data analytics vendors need to navigate a rather complex and crowded market landscape consisting of multiple solution segments, healthcare organizations need to invest in diverse suppliers to meet their business goals.

Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, Global Healthcare Data Analytics Companies-to-Action, 2017, highlights the ecosystem evolution in high-priority digital health markets and profiles notable market players that have the potential to radically transform existing industry paradigms. Other segments explored in this series include sleep technologies, oncology, precision medicine, leading ICT participants, and maternal care. Profiles include but are not limited to company growth metrics, long-term vision and goals, market portfolio, business model, market presence, and future plans with analyst opinions on its future potential. Vendor profiles include ProtenusNextHealth TechnologiesEvidation HealthCogitoQventusGinger.ioZebra Medical VisionPrognosAtomwise, and Flatiron.

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