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Data analytics is great for businesses, but it’s also great for saving lives

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Big data analytics is the proverbial catnip for businesses looking for a competitive edge in the market, and it is easy to see why. The ability to provide more granular analysis of large data sets is helping businesses distinguish themselves from their peers, by providing actionable insights faster than ever before. Businesses can then act upon these insights to improve their efficiency, customer service, and profit margins.

But it is not just about helping to grow profit margins and increase market share. Analytics can be applied to any data set, no matter how large, and you can discover insights to help improve many data-rich applications from smart cities to healthcare. One could argue that it is in the latter where data analytics is providing the ultimate benefits, by helping to save lives.

PATH is a non-profit organisation that uses innovations in technology to save lives and improve the health of those in need, especially young women and children. It tackles a wide range of health issues through entrepreneurial cross-sector partnerships that help develop powerful tools and strategies that can make a difference on a massive scale.

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