Sun. Aug 1st, 2021
Cybersecurity Threats in the Age of IoT
Cybersecurity Threats in the Age of IoT

Cyber security has become one of the most talked about issues in recent times due to the massive amounts of hacking stories that have taken place over the last few years. We can all clearly remember the massive Target hack and the security breach at Equifax which comprised almost everyone’s information.

Everybody can appreciate cyber security and, in this current climate, must be knowledgeable of it. More and more of the world is becoming interconnected and more and more people are going online. This poses a huge security risk as data from millions of people will, paradoxically, become more secure and more vulnerable simultaneously. This is cause for great alarm as the full reach of what a cyber security flaw can produce is still not entirely known. The Equifax hack would be a sure indicator that, at the very least, it isn’t good.

Not everyone can be sure what will happen but this, of course, cannot get in the way or inhibit progress in any way. Oddly, these two things must act in perfect harmony. We must have consistent and eager progress while maintaining the risk despite our concerns.

This issue does not become any less complex in the Internet of Things. This new incoming age brings with it all kinds of intricate ways that hackers and other exploitative programs can deceive and infiltrate our personal data. During the tech revolution there are a few things to be acutely aware of in order to prevent a total collapse of your privacy.

The Internet of Things brings with it many innovations that can not only assist us in our lives but can change our lives all together. Almost everyone has a smartphone and smart home assistants are already becoming ubiquitous. We have in our homes all sorts of devices that are constantly listening and watching us to better our lives and make living easier in general. We collectively love these devices as they can keep us in order and drive us closer to a future present only in our dreams.

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