Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

A part of our cybersecurity feature this week, Delano talked to Pascal Steichen, CEO of Securitymadein.lu, the economic interest group that has joined with the Luxembourg government to create the Cybersecurity Competence Centre (C3). We asked him, if the future is digital, how important is cybersecurity?

C3 is a public-private partnership between the Luxembourg government and the economic interest group Securitymadein.lu. Established as part of the government’s cybersecurity strategy is has three key functions: to act as a threats and vulnerability observatory; a testing facility and a training and simulation platform.

In a recent interview with Delano, Pascal Steichen discussed the organisation’s role and stressed the importance of cybersecurity.

Margaret Ferns: Given the level of digitalisation taking place everywhere, how important is cybersecurity to companies and individuals?

Pascal Steichen: Cybersecurity is key. IT/digital without cybersecurity is no use at all. The headlines speak for themselves: Mirai, ransomware and other “hacks” or “leaks” are in the news daily.

Society is in a “black hole”. Our dependence on digital systems is so deep now, we cannot go back anymore. We have to cope with the challenges and doing it securely requires doing it right.

MF: In your experience, are companies in Luxembourg fully aware of how essential it is?

PS: We have seen a decline in incidents reported to us, which indicates a growing understanding of the issues within companies. In addition, requests for preventative measures are on the increase, which, in turn, indicates a growing awareness of the dangers on the market.

That said, awareness-raising remains one of our key efforts as creating the “culture of security” that the OECD recommends takes many years.

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Article Credit: Delano

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