Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

The Cyber Academy, located at Edinburgh Napier University, is set to host an international conference on big data in cybersecurity, as part of the International Conference on Big Data in Cyber Security, which will include speakers in sixdifferent time zones.

The focus of Cybersecurity Revolution will move from Scotland to Canada, then back to Europe via South America and the Far East over the course of an entire day.

The event, which takes place on May 31 2018, is designed to bring together industry, academia and law enforcement to share insights, ideas and expertise and resources in responding to current security challenges. The Napier conference will have a special focus on opportunities and challenges in managing and using big data within a cybersecurity context.

After the Edinburgh conference, Cybersecurity Revolution will continue its march across the planet, encouraging interaction among the research community via video streaming from events at venues including the University of New Brunswick, Université de Montréal, L’Université du Québec (all Canada), Universidad EAN (Colombia), Hallym University (South Korea), Université de Lausanne (Switzerland), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement.

A research track, will run alongside the conference, organised by Dr Naghmeh Moradpoor, winner of Outstanding Woman in Cyber at last year’s Scottish Cyber Awards.

Adrian Smales, who organised the link with Canadian collaborators and has been involved in the global scale-up, said: “This is a unique event which we hope will build strong bonds across the world. Edinburgh has one of the most advanced infrastructures for research and innovation related to cyber security, and this event highlights its importance to the local economy and its presence on a world stage.”

Professor Bill Buchanan, of Edinburgh Napier’s School of Computing, said: “Threats to organisations increase by the day, and many have responded by moving towards the integration of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to detect malicious activity.

“Our conference will share expertise in responding to security challenges, and will launch what could be the largest cyber security event ever, following the sun across the planet.”

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