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Customer Service Wins With Partnership of 2 Major Companies Supporting VoIP and CRM

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Almost every business revolves around customer interactions: making sales, anticipating and meeting those customers’ needs, fixing their problems. And nearly every business struggles with making all those functions work together.

But advancements in technology are lessening that struggle. Take, for example, the rise of VoIP, or voice over internet protocol. A few years ago, VoIP began to deliver clear, stable calls. And that began to change everything.

Huge long-distance and international call charges were gone. Switchboard equipment and the staff to maintain it were no longer necessary. Workers were no longer tied to their desks. Billing for internet service, phone service and cell phone service was combined and simplified. In all, a revolutionary disruption of a traditional industry occurred.

And among the first business VoIP providers was Jive Communications. Jive is one of the largest private cloud communications companies in the United States, and it keeps up with customer needs by constantly introducing new innovations.

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Article Credit: Entrepreneur

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