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CRM Secrets Revealed: Boost Your Marketing with this Tool

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CRM Marketing

CRM Marketing-The idea behind a CRM is pretty simple.

You store your leads’ information and track them through the sales funnel. Marketers are responsible for getting more traffic, clicks, and conversions on signup pages.

And when a prospect signs up, ding! All that information drops straight into the CRM.

Boring, right? For the marketer, the CRM is a ho-hum piece of requisite software that just collects data.

What if I told you that your CRM is a *marketing* cash register just waiting to be opened?

What if the leads you generate and store in your CRM holds the key to unlocking massive results from your advertising?

How to Use CRM Data in Advertising Campaigns to Boost Results

Today, I’m going to show you how to use your CRM data to inform your advertising campaigns and 10x your ad results.

If you’ve ever wanted to slash your ad spend while simultaneously boosting your ROAS, this is the article to read. It’s the ultimate unicorn method — something I stumbled upon in my lifelong search for unicorns.

If you want to massively boost success on all major advertising platforms, I explain in exacting detail just how to do it.

Overview: The Strategy Explained (And Why It Works)

This approach is really simple, but by my estimates, fewer than 2% of marketers are doing it.

In a nutshell, the strategy is this. Export your CRM data, plug it into the advertising platform of choice, and target that specific audience with custom ads.

Details are below, but it’s really that simple.

For the last five years, ad platforms have evolved to the point where they can retarget leads and push them further down the funnel.

You’re probably familiar with the concept.

online advertising

Of course, Google has an effective remarketing system, too.

CRM marketing

Simple, right?

And, as cool as it is, retargeting is no by itself a silver bullet.

You might still be dumping thousands of dollars to attract top-of-funnel clicks from mere tire-kickers. (Plus, the massive amount of click fraud on the Google Display Network.)

You can’t just flip the switch on remarketing and expect to 10x your advertising.

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Article Credit: Small Business Trends

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