Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Think about all your possessions, all your worldly belongings, how you travel, and where you stay. I have just walked through my house in my mind and thought of brands that exist in my life for more than 3 years, and persist in their presence.

One stands out, a coffee, George Clooney is a fan too of this brand, we have one of their coffee machines in our kitchen in Dubai, that we bought 4 years ago when we lived in Switzerland. It works. Never broke down, never falters. The coffee tastes as good today as it did back then and the flavor variety increasing ensures our trust remains. Last Christmas we received complimentary cups, a coffee pot and free coffee capsules from the local provider. We never need to speak to anyone, apart from the operator who takes our order over the phone for the coffee order to be delivered, we never have an issue, it just works. Its so trusty that even Movenpick has machines in many hotel rooms with its own brand capsules today.

Now consider, how many earphones, TV’s, Cars, shampoo, airlines, coffee machines have you used and are loyal to? In today’s life we often seek the deal first, competition is ferocious for your dime, the modern marketing methods and supporting technology is everywhere you are today. The tradeoff for the deal, the gambler instinct provoked wins more often than not but becomes counterproductive as cheap rarely signifies a resulting loyalty in a product. The virtual coffee machine graveyard of my past is a significant example.

The hotel room landscape is just as busy and confusing as the rest. I spent time recently on a well-known OTA and the ”secret deals” and jargon filled deal wordsmanship assaults the senses, a popular search engine is currently under fire for manipulating searches in the same fashion. A new industry of products is emerging of tools to help the consumer find the real cheap flight due to meta searches methods as the unsuspecting customer can’t see the trees for the forest when trying to complete a purchase.

With this confusion, loyalty only to the pocket, how do business’s today the world over, including coffee makers attain the hearts and minds of an ever-changing mind set of our diverse humanity, from impatient technology obsessed Generation Z to traditionalists who still recall a world without internet, the answer is a simple one: experience. A consistent, memorable, trustworthy experience.

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Article Credit: HN

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