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How CRM and marketing automation have delivered $5m in revenue to this ASX-listed company

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Rolling out marketing automation and a more integrated customer management approach has not only delivered $5 million in acquisition revenue for ASX-listed financial services player, Silver Chef Group, it’s brought technology and marketing functions tightly together.

The 30-year old company provides equipment leasing financing to the hospitality industry under its Silver Chef brand, as well as transport and construction industries under its GoGetta company. Founded in Australia, the business now operates in New Zealand and Canada and is chalking up double-digit growth annually.

With an unheard of Net Promoter Score of over +70 in the financial services sector, Silver Chef prides itself on being connected to dealers and customers, chief technology officer, Vinnie D’Alessandro, told CMO. A desire to further tailor the sales and marketing experience through data insight and digital efficiency has seen the company re-invigorate its CRM platform capability and invest in marketing automation.

Silver Chef had been using Salesforce CRM for about four years before D’Alessandro started in 2015, but was seeing a decline in use.

“The big issue was we were using it just to track sales behaviour but had none of our customer data in there,” he said. “What we identified was a need for salespeople to access better information about their dealers and customers, the contracts and assets.”

The first step was integrating CRM with finance and contract management systems in order to expose data to the sales team and in turn, the marketing function. The second step was adopting Salesforce B2B marketing automation platform, Pardot.

“Sales is now using that for day-to-day activities to make sure they’re meeting with the right dealers and customers, while marketing is using it to make sure we are segmenting the market right, and providing the right offers to the right people at the right time,” D’Alessandro said. “We couldn’t have done that just by tracking sales behaviour, we need to use it as an aggregation point for our business. So we have built a 360-degree view of our customers, dealers, assets and our contracts.”

Of course, it’s easier to put in a brand new system than it is to revitalise an old one, and getting buy-in required D’Alessandro and his team to win over sales people and the wider business.

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