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How to create a 2018 SaaS budget with confidence

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As we enter the last two months of the calendar year, most teams have already put a lot of time and analysis into what the 2018 budgets will look like for the enterprise, down to each business unit.

Connecting historic data and future growth plans is the best way to forecast budgets. With more companies implementing a digital transformation strategy, technology spending and IT budgets are an increasingly important aspect of the budget planning process.

Cloud and SaaS applications are a growing expense area and one of the most difficult areas to track and manage, which makes it harder to find and trust historical data.

What department owns the SaaS line item?

Technology line items now show up on specific departmental budgets, not just the IT budget, so there is not usually one single owner of SaaS.

Even though IT does not usually own the entire SaaS budget across the enterprise, IT certainly should have visibility into all of the SaaS spend and technology in use.


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Article Credit: CIO DIVE

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